SprintRay Pro 95

3D printing in dentistry is considerably more than simply another innovation: it can possibly control costs, improve adaptability, and grow the extent of patient consideration. To follow through on this potential, we made SprintRay Pro the most easy to use, amazing and dependable work area 3D printer in dentistry. Since the innovation in your office needs to tackle issues, not make cerebral pains

3D Printers in-office Dental Manufacturing has arrived

  • Fast – Rapidly respond to chaining patient needs with flexible in-office manufacturing.
  • Accurate – Print confidently with repeatable, accurate results backed by university research.
  • Easy – Spend more time with patients with easy-to-use software and hardware.

They made SprintRay Pro the most user-friendly, powerful, and reliable desktop printer in dentistry. It features a 216 square centimeter platform and print speeds up to 5 centimeters per hour for an incredible boost in productivity. A 7” touchscreen with a powerful onboard computer provides an easy and reliable experience. And the design is both beautiful and durable, so it will look and work great in your practice for years to come.

The Pro 95 Production workhorse

SprintRay Pro 95 is the ideal 3D printer for dental offices that want to deliver on the promises of in-office production. Including unrivaled throughput, high precision, and high flexibility. The Pro95 is the right choice for most dental practices.

Accurate production and high throughput for all manners of dental appliances

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