Digital Smile Design Course with Dr Mark Bowes

The DSD Concept:

DSD was developed by Dr. Christian Coachman and provides a combination of systematic approaches and strategies to improve comprehensive dentistry and dental office growth, with improved diagnosis, smile design, team communication, treatment planning, clinical execution, and creation of perceived value towards the final patients to increase new patient intake and case acceptance.

The goal is to use technology and communication protocols to improve efficiency and differentiation.


Design: Strategies and technologies to improve the quality of facial analysis and facially driven ideal smile design.

Plan: Strategies and technologies to improve decision making and treatment planning through better team communication, diagnosis and Interdisciplinary 3D simulations.

Present: Strategies and Technologies to improve to way we present our treatments, using storytelling, Motivational Mock-ups and visual communication, This is what we call “Emotional Dentistry”.

Perform: Strategies and Technologies to improve clinical efficacy and predictability, incorporating the concepts of Digital Lab, Guided Dentistry and Digital Quality Control.

Promote: Strategies and Technologies to become a quality and efficient content generator, using the modern concepts of Digital Marketing and Word of Mouth to spread all the wonderful things that dentists can do for people.

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This is a 2 day course, in which we explore how to use the DSD app, to design facially driven treatment plans, the key to success is in the planning, but also how to communicate with the patient to increase case acceptance, as well as how to communicate to the lab.
This course is for both dentists and technicians – join as a team for maximum benefit.

Dates: March 26th and 27th

Venue: Wright Millners Training Centre, Johannesburg

Cost: R11000

Banking Details: De Waterkant Health CC

Standard Bank

Account number 071745904

Branch code 025609

Telephone: 0214182048

If you have previously done a DSD course with Dr Bowes, and you would like to attend as a refresher, the cost will be R7500

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